Upcoming shows

InDex has upcoming gigs as part of Aromatics, Djime, and Drama Bahama:

Hope to see you out!

Past shows:

  • June 6th – Djime @ Substation.
  • June 7th – The Spill @ The LoFi
  • June 19th – Aromatics @ Vermillion
  • June 20th – Aromatics @ Central Saloon
  • July 5th – The Spill @ Blue Moon Tavern
  • July 19th at Blue Moon Tavern with Aromatics
  • July 28th at Outlander Brewing with Aromatics
  • July 29th at High Dive with Djime
  • August 2nd at Conor Byrne with The Spill
  • August 21st – Aromatics @ Sunset Tavern
  • August 30th at Substation with The Spill
  • September 18th – Drama Bahama @Chop Suey 
  • September 19th – Aromatics @Shirro’s
  • September 25th – Aromatics @ Central Saloon at 8:00
  • November 5th Aromatics @ Funhouse at 8:00
  • November 11th – Djime @ the High Dive at 8:00



InDex playing at Chop Suey with Aromatics. Photographer: Aaron Spinger.

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