Ian Dexter

InDex, Index-the-Kidd, and other musical endeavours by Ian Dexter Crawford


Hey there! I’m Ian – a percussionist/multi-instrumentalist living in NYC. I’m primarily at the drum-set,  but I also compose, write and play uke, synths, p.r.m. (3-string electric guitar) and some other things. I really enjoy being behind the kit on almost anything, especially jazz, punk, fusion, rock and the avant-garde. I love collaborating with anyone willing to experiment. 

(P.S. I co-manage this page with the best sister in the world,  Anna Crawford.)

 (Header photo: Ian with Aromatics. Credit: Aaron Springer)


Djime, one of Ian’s exciting music projects, dropped an album!

Check our their (Djime’s) dedicated web-page. The have their own merch, too!

And then with Aromatics – a new album. Watch for them at locations around Seattle.

Take a look at the music links that are up here so far and please return frequently as new content will be continually uploaded. 

Also check for upcoming shows – Ian would love to see you out!  


Djime interview with Skope Magazine